This blog started as a selection of mildly humourous observations on my life-changing moving to Paris, France from Brighton, UK. Since being diagnosed with malignant cancer in September 2007, it’s changed a little to a selection of mildly humourous but also sometimes poignant observations on life with a grave maladie in Paris, France.

The cancer posts start at “Innards“, if you’d like to start from the beginning.


2 responses to “Cancer?

  1. Hi Joe – You have met me once at the Charlbury Festival but I feel I know a lot about you because I spent many an hour chatting to Geoff when we should no doubt have been working. I worked for your dad at Brookes and since then have formed a good friendship with your mum and dad and my boyfriend Julian has enjoyed the depth of your parents cellar and fine wine. Your dad used to sit very relaxed in his office going through notes but it soon changed to talking about you and Pat and the fun you were having in your bands – I hope you still find the excitement with music! I now need to spend some time reading your blog. I wish you all the best with your recovery and I wish that things will improve for you. You have probably had so many people say stuff and again Im one of the ones who just doesn’t quite know how to say – i wish your parents … i don’t know just happiness with you. From Teresa

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