Some “not bad” news

So tonight, I had CAT scans of my abdomen and thorax as an outpatient at a clinic in the centre of Paris.  The ambulance firm had lost our booking, and eventually arrived to pick us up ten minutes before the scan was due to begin.  Not the best start – “Ambulance de Triomphe” not particularly earning the moniker so far.  Still, they got us there in a miraculous twenty-five minutes, through the Metro-strike-jammed chaotic heart of Paris, and waited patiently afterwards while we waited for the scan results.  And… for us to have a run-through of said results with the clinic radiologist.

That I was not expecting.  I’d thought we’d go, have the scans (in fact, scan singular: originally the lung scan was due for next Monday, but they squeezed both in tonight), and trundle off in merry ignorant bliss awaiting the hospital interpretation next week.  But in fact, I have news.

The stomach ganglions are “much smaller” – “hardly there”.  This (we asked several times) is definitely a Good Thing.

The lungs are “different” – there’s something there (the radiologist thinks an infection of some kind) which is blocking the view of anything cancerous beneath.  (And, incidentally, he thinks causing my chronic cough.)  But whatever’s beneath apparently wouldn’t have got any worse, or we would see it.  So this is a point of confusion, but not bad news.  I’ll see a lung specialist at the hospital next week, when I go in for chemo #4, and we’ll see what’s going on.

My liver and kidneys are completely clear.  There is no further spread or metastasis visible on the scans.  My kidneys are “nickel“, apparently – squeaky-clean; both stents (the tubes stuck between kidneys and bladder) still well-placed.  I’ve been seeing a lot more blood in my urine the last few days, but this is apparently almost certainly just the stents doing their thing, and nothing to worry about.

It’s very, very difficult to get excited and let go, and I’m wondering at my reserve (which I think is coming across in this post, too) but I think I can definitely say this is… not bad news.

Cottage pie getting cold, so no time for editing or reflection, so I’m just going to post.  Love to you all, from shocked-of-Paris.


20 responses to “Some “not bad” news

  1. This is not just not bad news Joe. It’s great news. I’m so pleased for you


  2. **fantastic** news Joe, have a wonderful weekend 🙂


  3. Après tout ce stress, nous vous souhaitons de bien savourer votre week-end: ce sont des nouvelles très encourageantes!


    Florence, Emmanuel et Juliette

  4. Pippard Vigander

    Cool! We think it sounds like good news and are excited for you even if you want to remain reserved (which we also think is understandable). Also, we think it is so unfair of a chest infection to jump on you now as well – dammit, we would give it a hearty smack if that sort of thing was possible.

    Love from Laura, Sverre and Solveig

  5. Fair-to-middling news, yep, that’ll do. Encore and stuff. 🙂

  6. I am liking the not bad news Mr H. Thanks for letting us all know 🙂

    We like to see the good solid kicking of ganglion butt down our way (and by that I mean ‘in the place where we live’, not the other thing). You’ve now also made me wonder about the common plural forms of ganglion and which is used more often. I don’t know why.

    Big love as always,

  7. Great news Joe, much love heading over from NY xx

  8. Wahhooooo!! That is great news Joe.


  9. All going in the right direction then 🙂

    Keep taking that loverly purple stuff – it seems to suit you!

    Lots of love from Brighton wending its way through the tunnel and following the tracks up to Paris 🙂

    Smiling muchly.

  10. Really not bad news Joe – just keep on kicking that cancer’s arse! 🙂


  11. This is the best not bad news I’ve heard in a long time.

  12. ‘Not bad’ sounds good to me 😉
    …. though of course it also sounds like you’ve got plenty more of the purple stuff to look forward to as it looks like it’s having some effect.
    So pleased for you, Joe.

    Big love

  13. Joe this was really good to hear, thanks for sharing – show that fucker who the boss is (you, that’s who).

  14. Hey Joe

    Been thinking about you loads – can’t seem to keep up on your steady stream of reporting these days. Not enough hours in the day! Glad to hear you’re on the mend, dude. That’s the way forward.

    Everyone I talk to mentions you & all are impressed by how strong you are being. John from the film also says hello by the way!

    Amy xx

  15. Stick it to the man Joe. Suck that purple stuff

  16. Niiiiiiiiice news Joe!

    Al x x

    PS. Steve! Honestly….

  17. Wow… great not bad news

    Keep it up – Big hug – Love


  18. Good not bad news indeed…

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