So I’m writing this entry from back home. Less than 24 hours in hospital and I’m out again, not to return until the 23rd.

I’m still quite amazingly spaced and tired from the chemo, so I’ll keep this short and sweet: I’ve started chemo session #3, and am to book an appointment for a big deep scan of some sort (chest, abdomen, stomach, the lot) at a clinic of my choice (anywhere I can find with space, basically – the hospital itself is fully booked up) for two weeks’ time. The results of this scan will be compared with those from a similar scan I had done just before my diagnosis – and from this, the docs can see how well the treatment has been going.

So: a temporary reprieve from The Scene.

But there’s more – and I’m having real trouble here in trying to keep my hopes from spiralling up out of all control. On arrival at the hospital yesterday, I had a chest X-ray on my lungs, one of the places my (stomach-originating) cancer has spread to. Today, before checking me out, the doc who gave me the run-down on all of the above said this new X-ray shows “une amélioration” (an improvement) from the one I had before being diagnosed. My lungs are clearer than before I started the chemo.

He was careful to emphasise we have to do the big scan before reaching conclusions about how I’m progressing. But he was smiling.

When he left the room, I cried like a baby. I’m about to cry again now – time for a sleep, I think. I can’t let myself read too much into this, I just can’t – but my lungs, at least, are showing signs of improvement. Improvement!

I fear this post has crossed the line into fatal mawk. I’m stopping now, blaming the chemo, and going to see I have more success reading Galaxy Quest on my home DVD player than on my laptop.

Night all.


22 responses to “Reprieve

  1. Hi Joe,

    I was thinking about you and wanted to see if there was any news. I’m pleased to hear that there are some potentially good signs – I hope you can try and keep your spirits up at what looks like an incredibly difficult time.

    Best wishes,

  2. Yes. Improvement. Yes. It sounds like a step in the right direction. I toast your fighting spirit

  3. Aah Joe you totally rawk the big one! I reckon feel free to spiral, positive energy and all that

    Zillions of love

    Birdy xxx

  4. Glad to see some improvement. does the low salt diet mean no Marmite? can’t imagine life without Marmite, I usually have Community Yeast extract. I tastes a bit less salty.

  5. improvement is good, doesn’t matter how much – just keep the stats moving in the right direction 🙂

    diane x

  6. ah! this is great news! really is. that smile must have been quite something.

    (why do geeks/nerds only watch sci fi/fantasy films?)

  7. Howard and Avril

    Attaboy Joe. And don’t you worry about mawk. Dickens made a great deal of money out of it. And, in any case, it goes well with the Victorian chimney-sweep trousers you were wearing last week. Fingers crossed for more and more ‘amelioration’.
    Love Avril and Howard

  8. Nice one Joe, enough said! xx

  9. IMPROVEMENTS…Uhuuuuu!!!That’s a good start!!! 🙂
    By the way…bless the new technologies!!!Really nice to have a lot of news from you!

    Seratone Family.

  10. What can I say but…


    Go Joe!!

  11. Hi Joe,
    Thinking of you, glad to read your news,
    love Tom & Jen x

  12. Hi Joe,

    What a roller-coaster you are on!

    Churchill once said (before my time, I hasten to add!)

    ‘This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning’

    Keep those messages coming Joe, you are an inspiration to us Togs!


  13. thats a great sign. in my experience docs are very wary of saying anything positive unless it really is.

    good on yer!

    so can you do a guest bass noise-off at occasions for us?


  14. glad to hear that the news is encouraging, lots of the oldies from school send their best wishes – messiurs Morgan,Tee, Churchwood, Collins and Brown. From the ladies Rickman, Symcox, Wordsworth, Jackson and Pam Maynard sends her love. Saw mum yesterday – believe they are coming to Paris tomorrow, gave me all the datail. One amusing point, you may remember my son Phil on your last ski trip, when he heard me talking he said ‘I remember Joe, he was the one with long ginger hair, he was scary’ That was 10 years ago and he now in his gap year waiting to go to uni. Keep fighting it


  15. That’s such fab news Joe, you have to celebrate it. Cheering with you. ~~~~~~~~~ (mexican wave)

  16. Hi Joe, fingers crossed for the next step fella.

    Take care,


  17. Good to hear that the news is good… just keep on fighting. I can’t think how emotional this must be for you. I’m just glad that you have the wonderful Emily to help you out. Much priase and love to the Emily as wel as to your good self.

  18. I always said ‘Swordfish’ had healing properties. Quick! Watch ‘The Net’ and ‘Johnny Mnemonic’ back to back!

    Seriously though, it’s ok to cry like a little girl when you get news like that – keep it up. Just watch out for putting on suspenders and singing along to Gwen Stefani.

  19. nigebackyourlife

    Go Joe! great to hear that mate, mucho’s good vibe’s from B-town!

  20. Hey dude, what’s your address? I have some truly awful DVD for when you feel like skipping those all important naps. Excellent news on the lungs. Keep up the good work – lots of love.

  21. judy baldock ex Marlborough

    Clarrie told me the news as we meet quite often. Just wanted to say that it is important to keep fighting all the way.
    My good wishes are with you

  22. Boobs and bottom burps that sounds like the right direction mate. Have you seen the shooter – its boys own sniper and explosions with dumbo Mark Walberg. You need cable 🙂

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