Embarrassing Film Admissions #2 and #3

So wide awake at about 4am, I decide to go against all the wonderful advice I’ve been given by a multitude of smart, right people (and which I wholeheartedly believe myself), and forego further sleep to watch “Batman Begins” on DVD. To my horror, I realise I’ve already seen it, and thought it was dreadful. (Sorry kind lender!) So I swapped it out for “Galaxy Quest” – which wouldn’t play. This was, I decided, a clear enough sign. PC – off. Three and and half wonderful hours of dreamless sleep later…


4 responses to “Embarrassing Film Admissions #2 and #3

  1. What??!
    Batman Begins is wicked.
    Christian Bale kicks ass.
    That purple liquid has obviously affected your Filmular Appreciation Synapse in some way.
    Try watching Waterworld. If you find it highly enjoyable, consult someone at the hospital.


  2. You’re probably getting mixed up with “Batman Biggins” – the ill-fated version starring infamous roly-poly Transylvanian party man Christopher Biggins hisself as the Caked Crusader. That was bad, although not nearly as rubbish as anything Joel Schumacher has directed. Ever.

    Hope you’re getting good news out there. Got all my fingers crossed. Ooh, no, wait, that’s no finger. Ew.

  3. nigebackyourlife

    Seartone Joe!
    man! You’re a legend!! (p.s. no offense to the R.O.H guys, -legends also 🙂 )

    dude! you kick some ass! I’m glad to read of your joy at seeing ‘la seine’, hope you’re still rocking the bass frequencies!! else I will bring you an axe!! and that electronica is boss!
    glad to see that music is still a must!! it will help us all
    mate I’ll come to Paris and slap your ass!
    love nige

  4. Batman Begins is OK, but… it’s a guy wearing a bat suit. Some things look fine in comic books, but in real life are sort of silly. Like Magneto – who’d have thought he looked like Ian McKellan.

    Galaxy Quest, OTOH, is a minor classic.

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