Back To The Big H

Thanks for all the supportive messages, all.

Bad news is, I went back into hospital (the good ol’ public one this time) on the 6th, and am still here – likely to be so for a good few weeks longer.  Various infections and problems that are all probably linked, somehow, somewhere – still a bit of a medical mystery.  Should have a diagnosis in a couple of days, though, which will help…

Only got a few minutes on the single hospital internet PC, so got to go.  But joe dot holmberg at gmail dot com should be working… will be checking mail as frequently as I can get down here.  Which isn’t super often, but crossed fingers…

Later, all.  Keep in touch.

3 responses to “Back To The Big H

  1. Ouch! Nasty 😦

    Have you tried jumping up and down really hard? Might dislodge summat…

    Good luck dude! Hope the opiods are working (hope you’re on them!)

  2. Fingers crossed for you… Hope to hear good news soon…

  3. Sending lots and lots of love your way. Wishing you all the strength you need.

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